'You can do people, can't you?' I was asked by a guest at a friends baby shower recently. And my answer, very honestly, had to be ‘I hope so.’

The thing with landscapes is that while technically difficult, if, after an hour spent crouched in something resembling a military stress-position, in freezing water, whilst fighting to keep spray off the lens, you have nothing to show for it, the only person you’re going to let down is yourself.

Conversely, if you’re at someone’s special event claiming to be the guy who can capture it in perpetuity, when you mess it up not only are you an idiot but lots of people have the option of hating you. Which is why, despite requests, I’ve never wanted to do a wedding shoot. Can you imagine getting that wrong? I’d be a nervous wreck!

But a baby shower is by no means a wedding, and when asked to take some photos as a favour for some friends i thought id give it a crack. But still the thought remains, what if I’m just one of those people with an expensive camera who might as well be taking photos with a camera phone.

However, actually doing the event was a lot of fun. People generally ignored me unless asked not to, even with a camera lens stuffed in their faces, or the faces of their little ones. And the results were pretty satisfying. My friends were happy, and so too the parents of the aforementioned little ones.

So next time, when asked, ill be able to say, ‘Yes, i can do people.’


Source oliverdibbenphotography.com

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